PHP Conferences - From php[world] 2015

I am very impressed with the PHP community after the last year. I have attended a number of PHP conferences, and found a nearly limitless amount of inspiration and encouragement. However, first of all I have to thank the PHP Architect crew for their amazing efforts in bringing people together at their conferences and through their magazine and training. In my personal case, this has had a very distinct impact on my life as a PHP developer.

Last year I attended php[world] and it actually was my first PHP conference. During that I found the encouragement and/or guidance that was required for me to open a new door in my life. I found that I wanted to speak at conferences, and started pursuing it. Over the past year, I have grown an amazing amount because of this influence, having spoken at 4 conferences since then, as well as my local user group.

One year later, I am speaking at php[world], and I have to thank all of the encouragement and mentorship that the PHP community offers to each other. If you have not attended a PHP conference or your local PHP Usergroup, you must try it. Not that everyone will hear the speakers call, but the community at large that you will start to come into contact will have many beneficial effects on you.

Every PHP conference I have attended this year has taught me new things, opened up new avenues of opportunity, introduced me to new people or people who I only knew through twitter. Better yet, I have consistently talked with Open Source project leaders at all of the conferences. It has changed the scale of the world for me, the world is quite a bit smaller for me now.

I know from the last year that I am affecting people’s opinion of Magento, which is what I typically do for a living. Magento is the open source project that really brought me into the larger PHP community. Magento has been a watershed of opportunity for me, and the people I work with. It has been an honor to be able to affect the perception about Magento, and I am very happy to be able to pay it back down for all the great things Magento have done for me.

When I made the decision to join the larger PHP community, I have found nothing but encouragement to participate actively in their projects. For those of you who have not had this experience, I have to say that you really want to change that. You will learn, and grow and find inspiration, and this will have a direct effect on your growth as a PHP developer.

The PHP conferences will bring you closer together with the people around the world that are doing the same things as you. It's likely that you will find a spot within the community, no matter who you are, and that with that you will find people who will inspire you. The last year has been an amazing experience for me, and I am really looking forward to the future. 

There are way to many people to thank, so....