PHP Conferences - From php[world] 2015

I am very impressed with the PHP community after the last year. I have attended a number of PHP conferences, and found a nearly limitless amount of inspiration and encouragement. However, first of all I have to thank the PHP Architect crew for their amazing efforts in bringing people together at their conferences and through their magazine and training. In my personal case, this has had a very distinct impact on my life as a PHP developer.

Using the Magento Performance Toolkit

The Magento Performance Toolkit will allow you to run JMeter tests on a generated set of data. This is incredibly useful when setting up new environments or testing configuration changes on existing environments. It gives a very nice baseline set of metrics that you can use to judge how changes affect performance, and the overall load capacity of your server or servers.

Debug Magento using Zend Z-Ray

Magento sites can be complex and often times suffer poor performance due to complicated business logic and a large volume of database queries. There are many elements that go into the final construction of a rendered page, with so much going on under the hood it can be difficult to quickly back trace issues in a crunch. Z-Ray gives us the necessary insight to guarantee all of our client Magento applications reach their peak performance and stay there with each release.


Drupal Commerce as compared to Magento CE

Today we will be comparing Drupal Commerce to Magento CE. It wont be pretty, Magento is super powered compared to Drupal Commerce. It became obvious shortly after finishing the install of Drupal Commerce that many things are missing when you compare it against Magento. Unless Drupal Commerce has some sort of Kryptonite, it just wont be a fair fight.

Image Average Color Solutions

You have a batch of images that you want to grab an average color from each one so you can make "small" colored thumbnails that represent the images, or maybe you actually need the hex color from each one for some reason.

This can be done very easily using php and Imagemagick. Below is a code snippet that was used to convert over 50,000 images to hex colors for a recent project.




Redis clustering using sentinel is easy to set up. Adding twemproxy allows for a highly scalable redis cluster and you get auto fail over and a ton of other benefits with this configuration. This arrangement can also remove your redis single point of failure.